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Vendors & Contracts From Tender to Supply
Reduce the tender turn-around time and capture related supply requests to provide more accurate contract reviews.
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Transform Contract Management

With over 25 modules the versaSRS platform offers full circle vendor management.

From the initial tender request within the business, to the approval workflows, until the response reviews and eventual contract and support of that contract.

versaSRS excels at workflow and supplier management.

Tenders Streamlined

Traditionally the tender process is managed via email, spreadsheets and forms. Today, when considering the impact contracts can have especially when these services are monthly or annual, far greater management is required.

versaSRS enables businesses to manage the tender to service process from start to finish.

Tender Response Approvals through to Service Level Agreements can all be managed on the versaSRS framework.

  • Electronic forms capture business tender requests
  • Public facing forms capture responses
  • Approvals & Feedback sent to individuals or groups with measurable SLAs
  • Contract & CRM modules to ensure ongoing management of account and contract renewals
  • Service-Related requests logged in versaSRS for full-circle contract reporting
By implementing a form and workflow-based solution you will remove the bottlenecks in your organisation and ensure continual supply of critical services.

Full Circle Vendor Management


The initial request for tender can be started with phone call, an email, an electronic form, the built-in portal, or manually.


Email correspondence, documents, forms, templates, approvals. All managed within one solution.


The versaSRS contracts module enables a range of features such as document library and financial transactions.


Any requests, incidents or jobs relating to the contracted service will be linked via the CRM.


A centralised procurement management system means reports can be run against services to view number of incidents, requests or work.


A range of automated reminders can be configured for due dates within the contract.

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