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Project Management Enable Critical Success Factors
The key to any successful project is communication and expectation. Find out how versaSRS can minimise risk and ensure delivery on time and on budget.
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Projects Transformed

versaSRS can be used to manage a range of projects to provide full visibility to an organisation.

Internal Projects requiring the logging of time & billing, ensures expenditure is reportable and auditable for the future.

Project activities and tasks can all be associated and given due dates for timeline reporting. Tasks are assignable to groups and/or individuals.

Projects can be linked to Assets and/or Services.

By using the workflow module, organisations can be assured activities and work requests are trackable and can be escalated to aid with delivery.

Projects Streamlined

versaSRS is highly configurable and can align with a range of Project Management methodologies. Depending upon the nature and size of the project, the solution can be used in range of ways.

Within the solution all details, documents and communication around the project can be saved. This includes timessheets or any billing requirements.

The ability to run project reports provides accountability across an organisation. Real-time reporting means issues are seen prior to deadlines slipping or budgetary limits are neared.

  • Email Communications
  • Tasks & Workflows
  • Timeline Reports
  • Timesheets & Billing
  • Project Progress Dashboards
  • Escalations on Risks
  • Meeting Management
  • Templates
Business In A Box

NewSpec operate throughout Australia to provide sales and service of scientific equipment to universities, the CSIRO, government and private customers.

versaSRS has been applied to their business model to manage everything from the sales process, to the initial project, to support and account management.

Crucially, every project, task or request is linked together so that there is a flow from the first interaction to the last.

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versaSRS ensures projects are kept on time and on budget. Automatic escalations ensure no critical milestones are missed.

Project Governance


Ensures all email, meetings and phone communications are logged within the system.


As activities are defined, tasks or work requests can be added to the project. Tasks can be sequential and/or parallel.


Ensure that projects can be reported against for years to come for finance and auditing requirements.


The solution is highly customisable allowing for a range of additional fields or re-labelling of fields if required.

Time & Billing

Ensure all time and billing is logged against the project and individual activities or tasks.


An extensive amount of standard and customisable reports are available the organisation.

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