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versaSRS Updates

versaSRS updates are applied by the System Administrator via the versaUpdater application, included with versaSRS.
Where connectivity to the VersaDev secure website is not permitted, updates can be installed manually in versaUpdater and are provided by VersaDev at request.
Click here for instructions.

Version 7.2.4

Release Date: 19.09.23


  • This update is a security patch to ensure versaSRS remains compliant with emerging security concerns.
  • versaForm ContactLookup method changed to utilise Standard Report.
  • CheckEmailHeader property for versaSRSMailIn added configuration option "2", which will allow for advanced email header checking that ignores email tracking when Subject line has been altered.
  • Additional Standard Reports available in Reporting module.
  • Bug fixes.
Version 7.2.3

Release Date: 23.01.23


  • Fixed issue with versaSRSMailIn Service incorrectly identifying a Requestors name for Cases submitted via email.
  • Security changes for User Type "Team Administrators". They will now only be able to update User Profiles/Templates within their Team.
  • Cosmetic (CSS) changes for versaAssets.
  • Fixed error occuring when accessing Case Templates when FormsModule is set to Classic Form Creation Tool (FCT).
  • Changed default behaviour of Status selection being reset to "Current" when changing between Skill Groups.
  • Fixed Team navigation panel not allowing Users to scroll when content expanded outside of frame.
  • Changed editor insert date/time functionality to use the Region value set in the User's Profile and not the browser region.
  • Fixed issue of changes not being retained when trying to save User configuration properties for new Users.
  • Changed default behaviour of Record listing refresh causing a return to the top record of the first page.
Version 7.2.2

Release Date: 25.11.22


  • Security update fixes a critical vulnerability allowing Users without Administrative privileges access to modules they have been specifically restricted from accessing.
  • Fixed issue of versaForms not saving data when Contact Lookup control used in a form.
  • Greatly expanded on viewable areas for Guest Administrator while ensuring access restricted to Read-Only.
  • Improved security for versaSRSWebServices.
  • Fixed error occurring for Routing Rules 'Move To' option when user has not entered a value.
Version 7.2.1

Release Date: 07.11.22


  • Added Modern Authentication protocol (OAuth) support for incoming mail in Global Settings and individual Team/Queue SMTP Settings for outgoing mail.
  • Introduced Global Settings to improve User Account Security when Forms Authentication is in use, these new Settings allow you to specify and enforce Password Complexity and set a Password Expiration period.
  • Fixed issue with quick drag and merge feature, caused by Chromium update.
  • Additional Standard Reports added to Reporting module.
  • Custom stored procedure changes.
  • Fixed issue of User Access Audit table not recording User who made changes to Team/Queue Configuration.
  • Introduced new Global Setting allowing you to specify a default "From" address for system emails such as Scheduled Reports and Service Monitor alerts.


  • Added versaBoard security measure for Reports, which performs a check and only allows Reports which have "Public Access" enabled.*
    • * If your SRSConnect instance is configured to show particular versaBoards you will need to ensure these are still displaying as expected after updating.
  • Introduced Global Settings to improve User Account Security when Forms Authentication is in use, these new settings allow you to specify and enforce Password Complexity and set a Password Expiration period.
  • Global style (CSS) changes to improve layout and responsiveness.
  • Introduced ability to enforce MFA for Users logging in via Forms Authentication, MFA code supplied by Email or Authenticator app.
  • Added Global Settings that allow for customisation of text for Login page, Sign Up page, and Sign up link.


  • Changes made to default_message.xml template.
Version 7.2.0

Release Date: 14.06.22


  • Ability to Share records between versaSRS teams and allow for edits to be performed.
  • Allow for separate purchasing of versaForms (Form Builder tool) for non-Enterprise licensed Users.
  • Improved support for external resources within versaSRS while mitigating security risks from cross-site script (XSS) injection.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect user to be recorded in Case audit log.
  • New Configuration settings:
    • Control whether processed email headers are saved in the database or not.
    • Turn off the versaSRSMailIn email tracking features.
  • Ability to export Reports in CSV format.
  • Updated full-text search to prevent error encountered by some users.
  • Fixed a bug caused via extended XML logging that was setting the SiteID incorrectly for logged Cases.
  • Improved Routing Rules allow for processing of multiple "FROM" email addresses.
  • versaSRS_Profile cookie now set on client side when MFA enabled.
  • Fixed bug allowing "Logon Panel" to be accessible even though "EnabledFormsLogon" is disabled.
  • Updated functionality for scheduling tasks in a workflow.
  • Improved security through support for OAuth2 authentication.
  • Fixed bug causing icons in left navigation sidebar to disappear after extended login.
  • Updated versaForms:
    • Supports survey creation.
    • Restrict authoring access on a per Form & User basis.
    • Additional controls available: Captcha, JSON Data, Contact Lookup, Button.
  • Support for Custom scripts added for Manage versaAssets window.
  • Fixed several identified spelling errors.
  • Updated support for email protocols when sending mail.
  • Improved System Messages alert format and functionality.
  • Fixed issues identified in several Standard Reports.
  • New Styling for Record listing view.


  • Fixed issues causing versaForms to display incorrectly when submission date is set to null.
  • An alert message will now display when browser window cannot be closed due to built-in browser security.


  • versaChat interface changes in versaSRS and SRSConnect.
  • Added features include:
    • Option to undock fixed chat panel and move around within versaSRS window.
    • Ability to chat with versaSRS users who are logged into chat.
    • Ability to reply to an existing chat message and delete a post.
    • Ability to set separate versaChat notification sound in user profile.
    • Ability to see current users in the chat room.
    • Added user chat status options (Available, Away, In Meeting, Getting Food, Do Not Disturb). This provides the ability to be signed into chat, but not available for public chat sessions.
Version 7.1.5

Release Date: 18.12.20


  • Release of versaFormBuilder.
  • Enhancement to versaTutorial to allow paging and tracking of progress.
  • Added extension checks in Tasks, Cases, Problems, RFCs and versaForms to prevent unsupported file types being uploaded.
  • Added extra replacement tags for schedule reports.
  • Fixed year selection ending in 2020 for searching and reporting modules.
  • Fixed outgoing attachments not able to open XLSX and DOCX files.
  • Fixed "Find" function when viewing log files.
  • Fixed issue where "Remember Me" when using forms authentication was not working properly.
Version 7.1.4

Release Date: 01.10.20


  • Added updated versaForm module (Global settings "FormsModule"). versaFCT still supported, however, the new versaForm provides a better building interface, for responsive design.
  • Fixed the clone of cases opens existing cases with "Readonly".
  • Fixed the Reporting dashboard, do not render for system users.
  • Created link for problems and change requests.


  • Integrated new versaForm module to allow public viewing and submission.


  • Updated service to allow custom SQL queries to be used for versaForm lookup.
Version 7.1.3

Release Date: 11.09.20


  • This update contains urgent changes to the "Zip Package" feature. Users were not able to re-initiate a download when the original request fails.
  • Added a new config setting "ZipDownloadSize" in appSettings section in versaSRS web.config file. When the total attachment size reaches this value (in bytes) for a given zip package request, it is then scheduled for zipping, rather than waiting for the zipping to complete.
  • Added new option at Queue level. The ability to create a new case when existing case is already closed.
  • Update the way "Windows" authentication is handled. The change will allow page browsing without the need to redirect back to main.aspx to authenticate the user.
  • A number of additional indexes were added for performance improvements in the system.
  • Fixed an error with schedule report, where it was not populating the parameter selections when editing existing schedule.
  • Fixed a logout error when authentication in "Windows" mode.
  • Additional properties were added to reporting dashboard / versaBoard.
  • Reporting dashboard / versaBoard, now support for up to 20 data series instead of 10 for charting.


  • Added new API CompanyContactSearch. This will allow searching of contact details in versaCRM and perform an auto lookup when entering email addresses in the SRSConnect Update screen.


  • Added new config setting "SystemTagScanMode". This property will provide flexibility to different instances of the service to handle ticket identification.
  • Additional check for "Closed" cases and have the ability to generate a new case depending on Queue setting.


  • Fixed an identified error in versaSRSScheduler where a column was missing in the query when processing task workflows.
  • Added a new field "EmailTemplateID" to tbl_ReportSchedules. This will allow different email templates to be used for sending scheduled reports.
Version 7.1.2

Release Date: 20.02.20


  • Fixed problem when clicking "Send" for Update Type "Resolve and Closed".
  • Fixed problem when applying a template in a "Change Request" which caused the lockout screen.
  • Fixed issue with "versaSRS MailIn" not processing Task attachments correctly.
  • versaUpdater checker was replacing the updater regardless if a new version exists or not.
Version 7.1.1

Release Date: 12.02.20


  • Update Templates - Fixed issue where the "Add Comments To Solution" / "Override Solution" checkboxes were not getting saved in the Template.
  • Case Zip Package - Bug fix and update to schedule a zip package for later when the total size of the Case and its attachments exceeds 20Mb.
  • Routing Rules - Fixed an issue with the routing rules conditions not processing "(" or ")" correctly.
  • Queue Notifications - Fixed an issue where the CALL_TASKS_ALL_COMPLETE action was not triggering a Watcher notification.
  • Full Text Searching - Scripts included to generate required full text catalogs for full text searching to work.
  • Case Searching
    • Full Text Searching - The search functionality has been enhanced to return information at the audit level. Users do not need to review every audit entry within the case to find the searched for keyword/term.
    • Standard Searching - The Standard Searching searches for a single field such as Subject or Details, the result returns Cases only.
  • Attachments - Fixed an issue with attachments that contained a comma in the file name causing an error.
  • versaStopwatch - Added a stop watch feature (with Custom Scripts enabled) that can be used to record time spent against a record.
  • Timesheets
    • Removed the day selection under Popup Notes. Now can access each day notes directly via icon next to timebox.
    • Added the ability to save multiple rows without losing data.
    • Added ability to popout HTML editor.
    • Added Task Status filter.
    • Audit log entry "TIMESHEET_ENTRY" added.
  • Merge Records - Added a merge record feature that will merge the audit logs of two records and then link them.
  • Event Calendar - Added the ability to right click in the Event Calendar and "Add New Event".
  • Case Billing - Added a check to automatically update the Billing details on a Case after a Case Update has been applied. This prevents the billing from the Update being overwritten if the Case is saved after.
  • Record Share - Allow case editing when sharing with someone not part of the team.
  • versaChat - Added the option to create a new ticket as soon as the chat initiated. The chat conversation is appended in the case details continuously.


  • Fixed issue with invalid cookie setting causing an error after signing in.

Windows Services

  • versaSRS MailOut - Bug fixes for SMTP bounce back emails not reopening the Case.
  • versaSRS MailIn
    • versaSRS MailIn now can process different folders under "Multi-Mailboxes". Add fields to tbl_Mailboxes to support this feature. "InboxFolder" and "ErrorFolder".
    • The new feature for individual Queue "Create new case if recipient does not match primary address". This feature was extended to ensure the original ticket was linked with the new ticket. This way there will be a reference to the original ticket.
  • versaSRSScheduler - Improve performance on versaSRS Scheduler when performing OCR on PDF and images. PDFToText property in versaSRSScheduler now has 3 modes. 0 = Disabled, 1 = Non scanned PDF only, 2 = All PDFs and Images


  • More Standard Reports were added as below:
    • Timesheet vs Billable Time
    • User Access Audit for Cases By CallID
    • Widget Monthly Event Calendar
    • My Queue Cases
    • Widget - Service Monitor Guage
    • Widget - Service Monitor Guage (Small)
Version 7.1.0

Release Date: 19.07.19


  • Reporting Enhancements
    • Scheduled Reports - Ability to schedule reports and send via email with attached HTML, PDF, Word or Excel output.
    • ReportAPI - Returns JSON data for client side rendering.
    • Ability to refresh individual report at its own rate rather than the whole page on the board.
    • All reports on versaBoard can be filtered using available filter options.
    • Display real-time reporting with minimal impact on performance.
    • Add CheckSum to report JSON to prevent unnecessary reload of report.
    • New column property "datatype" to provide better formatting of data.
    • Custom HTML layout to allow traditional tabular view to be any type of view.
    • Ability to create reporting dashboard with custom connection string.
    • Ability to launch “Call Update” screen via reporting dashboard report.
    • Many more additional standard reports added.
  • Public Holiday Due Date Calculation - Team specific public holidays via Event Calendar to ensure SLAs are supported.
  • Quotes & Invoices - Create quotes & invoices within versaSRS and send as a PDF. Report on quotes as well as sent invoices.
  • Advanced Searching for Enterprise - Added support for searching of documents in versaSRS. Ability to extract text from PDF and Images using Tesseract OCR. Text extract will also be searchable.
  • Workflow - Ability to set successor task workflow logged date when predecessor is completed.
  • Routing rules to apply call updates - Routing rules can now apply an update after the call has been created. Ideal for cases to have status of "Closed" where a matching subject is found, such as "Out of Office".
  • Routing rules now support keyword searching within the body of the email.
  • Visual identifier in versaSRS to let users know versaSRS Mail services are not running.
  • Added popup notifications like desktop alerts in versaSRS. This requires versaSRS to be running.
  • Disable ScreenSaver globally.
  • Performance on record listing enhanced significantly. Case & CRM screens have been overhauled to provide highly efficient and rapid data refreshes.
  • KB articles support Secondary and Tertiary categories. Currently only has Primary category.
  • versaChat now supports copy / paste images.
  • versaSRS now supports copy / paste images, in the following browsers “IE 10+, MS Edge, Chrome”.
  • Personalised Theme - Ability to create a personalised theme.
  • Updated CSS.
  • Ability to show/hide footer links.
  • Added drag & drop to attachment area.
  • Ability to specify organisation default versaEdit styles.
  • Fully enabled for Microsoft Azure and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)- v7.1 is now fully compatible with MS Azure for Azure AD Single Sign On and ADFS Single Sign On.
  • Integrated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – Optionally enforcement of MFA for added security to verify the users when using "Forms" authentication. Unique verification code can be emailed to authenticated users or users generate QR code and verify via Authenticator app (Google or Microsoft).
  • Share Call/Case with SRS user(s) for limited time.
  • Added warning when the same account is used elsewhere. This will prevent multiple access with the same account.
  • Recall Messages - The ability to recall messages X number of seconds after committing. This X value is configurable in the global settings "EmailDelaySend".
  • Letter Generation - The ability to convert your email response to a PDF document and attach it to your response.

Windows Services

  • Track E-mail Trail
    • Ability to update the correct versaSRS ticket even when the ticket number is not contained in subject line.
    • Can now add the ticket number to body of outgoing emails instead of displaying in subject line.
Version 7.0.9

Release Date: 19.06.19

versaSRS MailIn

  • Support for mailbox sub-folder processing and moving error mail to different folder.
  • Added the ability to have multiple instances of versaSRS MailIn running and processing different mailboxes and writing to its own "Custom Debug Filename".


  • Updated method to convert HTML print summary to PDF. Previous method causes SSL error when using HttpWebRequest via HTTPS.
  • Fixed issue with "CALL_LOGGED" attachments not displaying in print summary.
  • Missing proxy server condition when checking for latest version. This caused a white box to appear in the bottom right corner of the application.
Version 7.0.8

Release Date: 10.04.19


  • Fixed: The following error message appeared after versaSRS IIS server disabled TLS 1.0.
    • "The underlying connection was closed. An unexpected error occurred on receive. ---> System. ComponentModel. Win32Exception: The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not posses a common algorithm." This is due to the current version of the application not supporting TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2. This fix will address the following applications which causes this problem:
      • versaAssets WebService
      • versaChat WebAPI
      • versaSRS WebServices
  • Fixed Get Notification Error. "Ambiguous column name 'ActionDate' ... " error occured.
  • Preparation for versaUpdater enhancement.
Version 7.0.7

Release Date: 18.01.19


  • Add "Performed On" field for updating Calls / Tasks.

versaSRS Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Calendar picker not formatting date / time according to the user region.
  • Some regional areas have not been fully tested. These have been removed. Currently user region is only available for English.
  • Added new feature to refresh CSS / scripts and images after each update / upgrade.
  • Added "Confidential" comments in call package zip.
  • Routing Rules causes error on saving, when multiple relational drop-down list selection is made.
  • Clean up CSS for modal dialog containers.
  • Correcting Due Date calculation when applying tasks to Calls, Problems and Change Requests.
  • Allow "Administrator" with default UserID = 1, to have access to system regardless of license error. This will allow administrator to access system and fix license problems.
  • Added support for ADFS Authentication.
  • Added ability to view ".txt" files rather than downloading.
  • Fixed editing Custom Columns causing error.
  • Fixed download of Call zip.
  • Fixed Queue navbar with correct "Current", "Unassigned" and "Unread Email" counters.
  • Fixed error when applying Task Workflow for New Calls.
  • Fixed errors with versaBoard (This feature is still in beta development).
  • Fixed error with Customising Columns when "Custom Views" is enabled.
  • Fixed secondary requestor VIP tag not being highlighted.

Windows Services

  • Update versaSRS Branding for MailOut.
  • Fixed MailOut using incorrect SMTP properties when QueueSMTP is enabled.
  • Added new properties to versaSRS MailIn:
    • "Save Email Message". When value set to "1", this will save the original email to the attachments of the call, if number of retries has reached "Max Download Retries". If value set to "-1", this will always save original email against the call.
    • "Max Mail To Process". This value is used to determine how many emails to process each cycle. This addition will prevent versaSRS Service Monitor restarting versaSRS MailIn, when there are a mass emails to process in the inbox.
    • Fixed unable to identify recipient address error in some scenarios. Update code to identify "To" field in a different property.
    • Retain email on server until attachments also been processed to prevent lost of email.
  • Allowed EWS sending via versaSRS Service Monitor.
Version 7.0.6

Release Date: 13.04.18


  • Date format not displaying correctly in versaAssets.
  • Some minor updates to versaBoard.
  • Some minor updates to Reporting Dashboard and Control.
  • CSS styles updated for Modal Dialog.
  • Prevent deletion of versaBoard page when only one page is available.

versaSRS MailOut

  • Fixed an error when sending email via EWS. All outgoing email failed to send if emails had attachments.
Version 7.0.5

Release Date: 13.03.18


  • Fixed an error was introduced after applying update 004.
  • A new method for viewing attachments was introduced. Fixed files were missing error to support this new method.
Version 7.0.4

Release Date: 28.02.18


  • Opening records in Internet Explorer 11 with embedded images in the Details / Solutions caused the application to become unresponsive. This process uses up the worker processor for IIS and eventually causes a timeout. This is due to the browser rendering Base64 images. This has been rectified by extracting the Base64 contents and saving the actual images in the database. The contents will then be referenced via a rendering handler.
  • Added support for pasting clipboard images to responses in Chrome and Microsoft Edge. NOTE: Image size must be smaller than 1024KB (1MB).
  • Updated some minor CSS for interface.
  • Updated default column sizing for Calls, Problems, Change Requests and Tasks.
  • Fixed issues with versaBoard when creating a new board and deleting an existing board.
  • When managing a "Problem", saving the record did not display the title afterwards.
  • Updated "Bulk Dead" behaviour. When 1 record is selected for bulk dead, then perform a bulk dead based on 24 hour criteria.
  • Fixed issue when trying to open Contacts Picker for "Bulk Editing" records.
  • Added ability to disable the system timeout redirect screen. To disable this feature, set the timeout value to be more than 24 hours (1440 minutes). The setting can be found in versaSRS web.config file under sessionState section.


  • Updated minor CSS for interface.
Version 7.0.3

Release Date: 19.12.17


  • Visual alerts in versaSRS for Calls, Problems and Change Requests not displaying the correct colours when using percentage (%) based alerts.
  • Hide versaCRM menu when using standard contacts.
  • Fixed VIPTag / VIPColor settings in Global Settings.
Version 7.0.2

Release Date: 22.11.17


  • Correction to versaSRSScheduler. Service will not start due to incorrect settings in config file.
  • Replace versaSRSScheduler.exe with correct installer version.
  • Fixed sorting in versaSRS search.
Version 7.0.1

Release Date: 19.10.17


  • Updates to SRSConnect.
  • Updates to versaAssets Web Service.
  • Sending emails using Microsoft EWS.
  • Default events sorting to newest "Start Date" first.
  • Display message to update custom view Stored Procedures.
  • Added custom quick log form (Alpha).

Bugs Identified and Corrected

  • Permission error with download record into zip.
  • Error with editing CRM Categories.
  • Events listing date format.
  • EML attachment error when receiving via EWS.
  • Attachment issue in Knowledge Base.
  • Re-assignment window not closing.
  • Error with Global Settings when connecting to SQL instance name.
Version 7.0.0

Release Date: 17.7.17


  • Completely re-designed look and feel.
  • Team Dashboards – Quick Links & Reports.
  • New navigation area.
  • Performance improvements with new grid design.
  • User Interface Themes.
  • User Quicklinks.
  • User Timezone support.
  • New Image Explorer - Good for using when designing email templates.
  • New and better report support. More charting options such as Stack, Donut, Sparkline, Area and Scatter animation charts.
  • New and improved versaBoard. Allows you to customise your own versaBoard with a drag & drop GUI.
  • Added extra free text fields to capture more information for Cases, Problems and Change Requests.
  • Customisable Mandatory Fields (Cases/ Problems/ RFCs/ Updates/ Contacts/ Organisations).
  • Keysets linked to Update Templates.
  • Microsoft Azure support.
  • Global Calendar viewable by Case status.
  • Extended Events Calendar for CRM & Contract information.
  • Support Hours used by Organisation on Case view.
  • Bulk Edit, Reply, Forward, Close, Cancel, Update & Re-Assign.
  • Right-Click Bulk Cancel based on Subject & Date Range.
  • Quick shortcuts with extra right click options.
  • Set reminders on Cases/ RFCs/ Problems.
  • Drag & Drop Attachments.
  • Ability to convert entire Case details into PDF and download all attachments into one zip file.
  • Check user workload before assigning cases.
  • Embedded images viewable externally.
  • Support for Base64 image encoding.
  • Type ahead search on email address fields.
  • Multi SMTP support.


  • Completely re-designed to support phone/tablet friendly view.
  • Added "My Calls / Cases". Provide simple interface for quick responses for Technician.
  • Updated versaChat GUI for SRSConnect.
  • Now supports Dashboard Reporting.
Important Information

To download updates for pre-v7 editions of versaSRS please contact us.

versaSRS updates should only be applied to the version they pertain to. For example, if the installed version of versaSRS is 7.1 ONLY updates above 7.1 should be applied.

How to Contact Us

If you have any queries about versaSRS, please contact us:

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  • Level 1, 12 Gilles Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000
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