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Health Services Keep Your Finger On The Pulse
Technology is at the core of telemedicine and without exaggeration, servicing this technology can be described as a matter of life and death.
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Timing Is Everything

versaSRS enables the creation of different business workflows. From onboarding new physicians, managing contracts or adding new customers, to provisioning and maintaining equipment.

Goverened and managed workflows close the loopholes in processes. This is vital for the delivery of critical services.

This new level of transparency provides the greatest benefit. Having measurable KPIs across the different workflows enables an organisations to monitor and continually improve on the time spent between tasks and tickets.

Accountable & Reliable

Business critical processes require enterprise level and scalable solutions.

At the heart of versaSRS is a completely auditable history of database transactions.

From task assignments, due dates and all communications, the solution provides complete transparency over assigned work and activities.

  • Configurable SLAs
  • Real Time Reporting Dashboards
  • Visibility across the business
  • Workflow Templates
  • Single Click Service Requests
  • Telephony Integration
Business Case Study

SOC Telemed (SOC) is America's largest national provider of telemedicine technology and solutions to hospitals, health systems, postacute providers, physician networks, value-based care organisations, and health plans.

SOC stands for Specialists On Call and includes over 200 physicians specialising in neurology, psychiatry and intensive care who see patients virtually, using teleconference infrastructure.

"SRS is structured in a way that makes businesses have to have critical thinking and thought processes throughout what their department does. It really helped define a lot of the structural characteristics that were needed to be efficient in what we do."

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"versaSRS ensures that everyone has an assigned piece and is accountable for their piece and that the work flows from task to task, department to department, to ensure that every step is done along the way"

Full Circle Workflow Management


Email correspondence, documents, forms, templates, approvals. All managed within one solution.


Any requests, incidents or jobs are time-stamped and Due Dates applied according to workflow rules.


A centralised service system means reports can be run against view number of requests and associated tasks.


Ensure deadlines are always met via Due Date and SLA breach email notifications.

One-Click Case Creation

Create Cases with one click to apply templates with workflows, forms and tasks.

Extra Capability

Build your own business-specific Dashboards using the versaSRS API.

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