versaSRS v7.1 Available Now

This major update will provide greater functionality for businesses seeking to streamline their processes.

A full list of features appears below:

  • Reporting Enhancements:
    • Scheduled Reports - Ability to schedule reports and send via email with attached HTML, PDF, Word or Excel output.
    • ReportAPI - Returns JSON data for client side rendering
    • Ability to refresh individual report at its own rate rather than the whole page on the board
    • All reports on versaBoard can be filtered using available filter options
    • Display real-time reporting with minimal impact on performance
    • Add CheckSum to report JSON. To prevent unnecessary reload of report
    • New column property "datatype". Provides better formatting of data
    • Custom HTML layout. Allows traditional tabular view to be any type of view
    • Ability to create reporting dashboard with custom connection string
    • Ability to launch “Call Update” screen via reporting dashboard report
    • Many more additional standard reports added
  • Public Holiday Due Date Calculation - Team specific public holidays via Event Calendar to ensure SLAs are supported
  • Track E-mail Trail - Ability to update the correct versaSRS ticket even when the ticket number is not displayed in subject line. Can now add the ticket number to body of outgoing emails and not display in subject line
  • Quotes & Invoices - Create quotes & invoices within versaSRS and send as a PDF. Report on quotes as well as sent invoices
  • Advanced Searching for Enterprise - Added support for searching of documents in versaSRS. Ability to extract text from PDF and Images using Tesseract OCR. Text extract will also be searchable
  • Workflow - Ability to set successor task workflow logged date when predecessor is completed
  • Routing rules to apply call updates - Routing rules can now apply an update after the call has been created. Ideal for cases to have status of "Closed" where a matching subject is found, such as "Out of Office"
  • Routing Rules - Routing rules now support keyword searching within the body of the email
  • Visual identifier in versaSRS to let users know versaSRS Mail services are not running
  • Added popup notifications like desktop alerts in versaSRS. This requires versaSRS to be running
  • Disable ScreenSaver globally
  • Performance on record listing enhanced significantly. Case & CRM screens have been overhauled to provide highly efficient and rapid data refreshes
  • KB articles support Secondary and Tertiary categories. Currently only has Primary category
  • versaChat now supports copy / paste images
  • versaSRS now supports copy / paste images, in the following browsers “IE 10+, MS Edge, Chrome”
  • Personalised Theme - Ability to create a personalised theme
  • Ability to show/hide footer links
  • Added drag & drop to attachment area
  • Ability to specify organisation default versaEdit styles
  • Fully enabled for Microsoft Azure and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)- v7.1 is now fully compatible with MS Azure for Azure AD Single Sign On and ADFS Single Sign On
  • Integrated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – Optional enforcement of MFA for added security to verify the users when using "Forms" authentication. Unique verification code can be emailed to authenticated users or users generate QR code and verify via Authenticator app (Google or Microsoft)
  • Share Call/Case with SRS user(s) for limited time
  • Added warning when the same account is used elsewhere. This will prevent multiple access with the same account
  • Recall Messages - The ability to recall messages X number of seconds after committing. This X value is configurable in the global settings "EmailDelaySend"
  • Letter Generation - The ability to create letter templates with dynamic tags that get replaced and converted into a PDF attachment

versaSRS v7 Demo

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