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Below appears the upcoming modules and features available within versaSRS v7.

  • Updated Interface
  • Team Dashboards – Quick Links & Reports
  • User Interface Themes
  • User Quicklinks
  • User Time Zones
  • User Workload Reports
  • High Speed Datagrids
  • Fully enabled for Microsoft Azure
  • Global Calendar viewable by case status
  • Update Templates linked to Keysets
  • Drag & Drop VersaBoard Reports
  • Bulk Edit, Reply, Forward, Close, Dead, Update & Re-Assign
  • Right-Click Bulk Dead based on Subject & Date Range
  • Reminder Messages triggered by Case/RFC/Problem
  • Support Hours used by Organisation on Case view
  • Campaign Manager/Bulk Case Updater
  • Zip Attachments/PDF Case Summary
  • Customisable Mandatory Fields (Case/Problem/RFC/Update/Contact/Organisation)
  • Shortcut Update links from Audit Log Screen
  • Type ahead search on email address fields
  • Drag & Drop Attachments
  • Extended Custom Case Fields
  • Support for Base64 image encoding
  • Extended Events Calendar for CRM & contract information
  • SRSConnect Responsive Interface for Tablets & Mobiles
  • SRSConnect Dashboard Reports
  • SRSConnect versaSRS User Interface

versaSRS v7 is available now.

Below appears the list of upcoming minor updates to versaSRS v7. The below list is not in release order. Please note that the listed changes may alter at the discretion of VersaDev.

  • Scheduled Reporting
  • New enhanced versaBoard / Reporting Dashboard:
    • Added ReportAPI. This will return JSON data for client side rendering.
    • Ability to refresh individual report rather than the whole page on the board.
    • Add CheckSum to report JSON. To prevent unnecessary reload of report.
    • New column property “datatype”. This will provide better formatting of data.
  • Public Holiday Due Date Calculations
  • versaForm Builder
  • versaSRSMailIn group communications
  • Routing rules to apply call updates
  • Update to skill group / primary / secondary / tertiary key to include extra checkbox to identify if available to public or not (this field will identify if the option is available in SRSConnect
  • Visual identifier in versaSRS to let users know versaSRS Mail services are not running.
  • Add popup notification like desktop alerts in versaSRS. This requires versaSRS to be running
  • Disable ScreenSaver globally
  • Performance on record listing enhanced significantly
  • Custom HTML layout for reporting dashboard. This allows traditional tabular view to be any type of view
  • KB articles to support Secondary and Tertiary categories. Currently only has Primary category.
  • versaChat supports copy / paste images
  • versaSRS also supports copy / paste images, in the following browsers “IE 10+, MS Edge, Chrome”
  • Ability to create reporting dashboard with custom connection string
  • Personalised Theme
  • Updated CSS
  • Ability to show / hide footer links
  • Ability to launch “Call Update” screen via reporting dashboard report
  • Added drag drop capabilities to attachment area.
  • Ability to specify organisation default versaEdit styles
  • Add ADFS support for authentication
  • Added warning when the same account is used elsewhere. This will prevent multiple access with the same account.
  • Many more additional standard reports added.

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versaSRS is built using the MS .NET Framework, incorporating a MS SQL database and is instantly deployed via a web browser. More information.
We have provided integration with software such as telephony, assets, accounting, documents & more. We pride ourselves on a 100% fit with your business.
Absolutely. We have built a range of tools such as bulk import & update, archiving, campaign management and much more.

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.NET Development
Graphical User Interfaces

Our History

versaSRS is developed by VersaDev for IT Service Management & Case Management.

VersaDev is an Australian company developing business software solutions to customers across the globe.

VersaDev become Microsoft Partners after being discovered by Microsoft at CeBit.

VersaDev have remained Microsoft Silver Vendor Partners and pride themselves at being at the bleeding edge of web technologies.

The ITIL framework is incorporated into versaSRS. As well as incident, problem, change & asset management are incorporated.

versaSRS is ITIL-Aligned out of the box.

versaSRS v7 becomes available as an entirely SaaS solution via MS Azure.

The software is completely scalable for small, medium or enterprise implementations.

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