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Ensure organisation continuity, produce required outcomes, and be positioned to support current and new processes efficiently and effectively.

Release Notes

versaSRS updates are made by the system administrator via versaUpdater, included with versaSRS. Where connectivity to the VersaDev secure website is not permitted, updates can be applied manually in versaUpdater and can be provided by VersaDev at request. Click here for instructions.

Version 7.0.8

Release Date: 10.04.19

  • The following error message appeared after versaSRS IIS server disabled TLS 1.0.
    • "The underlying connection was closed. An unexpected error occurred on receive. ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not posses a common algorithm."
    • This is due to the current version of the application not supporting TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2. This fix, will address the following applications which causes this problem:
    • versaAssetsWebService
    • versaChatWebAPI
    • versaSRSWebServices
  • Get Notification Error. "Ambiguous column name 'ActionDate'..." error occured. This bug has been fixed.
  • Preparation for versaUpdater enhancement.

Version 7.0.7

Release Date: 18.01.19

SRSConnect Update

  • Add "Performed On" field for updating Call / Task

versaSRS Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Calendar picker not formatting date / time according to the user region.
  • Some regional area has not been fully tested. These has been removed. Currently user region is only available for English.
  • Added new feature to refresh css / scripts and images after each update / upgrade.
  • Added "Confidential" comments in call package zip.
  • Routing rules causes error on saving, when multiple relational drop down list selection is made.
  • Clean up CSS for modal dialog containers.
  • Correcting duedate calculation when applying tasks to calls, problems and change requests.
  • Allow "Administrator" with default UserID = 1, to have access to system regardless of license error. This will allow administrator to access system and fix license problems.
  • Added support for ADFS Authentication
  • Added ability to view ".txt" files rather than downloading.
  • Fixed editing custom columns causing error.
  • Fixed download of call zip.
  • Fixed queue navbar with correct "Current", "Unassigned" and "Unread Email" counters.
  • Fixed error when applying task workflow for new calls.
  • Fixed errors with versaBoard (This feature is still in beta development)
  • Fixed error with customising columns when "Custom Views" is enabled.
  • Fixed secondary requestor VIP tag not being highlighted.

versaSRS Windows Services

  • Update versaSRS Branding for MailOut
  • MailOut using incorrect SMTP properties when QueueSMTP is enabled.
  • Add new properties to versaSRSMailIn:
    • "SaveEmailMessage". When value set to "1", this will save the original email to the attachments of the call, if number of retries has reached "MaxDownloadRetries". If value set to "-1", this will always save original email against the call.
    • "MaxMailToProcess". This value is used to determine how many emails to process each cycle. This addition will prevent versaSRSServiceMonitor restarting versaSRSMailIn, when there are a mass emails to process in the inbox.
    • Unable to identify receipient address in some scenarios. Update code to identify "To" field in a different property.
    • Retain email on server until attachments also been processed to prevent lost of email.
  • Allow EWS sending via versaSRSServiceMonitor


  • An error was identified when sending email via EWS. All outgoing email failed to send if emails had attachments


  • Date format not displaying correctly in versaAssets
  • Some minor updates to versaBoard
  • Some minor updates to Reporting Dashboard and Control
  • CSS styles updated for Modal Dialog
  • Prevent deletion of versaBoard page when only one page is available

Version 7.0.6

Release Date: 13.04.18


  • An error was identified when sending email via EWS. All outgoing email failed to send if emails had attachments


  • Date format not displaying correctly in versaAssets
  • Some minor updates to versaBoard
  • Some minor updates to Reporting Dashboard and Control
  • CSS styles updated for Modal Dialog
  • Prevent deletion of versaBoard page when only one page is available

Version 7.0.5

Release Date: 13.03.18


  • An error was introduced after applying update 004. A new method for viewing attachments was introduced, however, files were missing to support this new method

Version 7.0.4

Release Date: 28.02.18


  • Opening records in Internet Explorer 11 with embedded images in the Details / Solutions caused the application to become unresponsive. This process uses up the worker processor for IIS and eventually causes a timeout. This is due to the browser rendering Base64 images. This has been rectified by extracting the Base64 contents and saving the actual images in the database. The contents will then be referenced via a rendering handler.
  • Added support for pasting clipboard images to responses in Chrome and Microsoft Edge. NOTE: Image size must be smaller than 1024KB (1MB)
  • Updated some minor CSS for interface
  • Updated default column sizing for Calls, Problems, Change Requests and Tasks
  • Fixed issues with versaBoard when creating a new board and deleting an existing board
  • When managing a "Problem", saving the record did not display the title afterwards
  • Updated "Bulk Dead" behaviour. When 1 record is selected for bulk dead, then perform a bulk dead based on 24 hour criteria
  • Fixed issue when trying to open Contacts Picker for "Bulk Editing" records
  • Added ability to disable the system timeout redirect screen. To disable this feature, set the timeout value to be more than 24 hours (1440 minutes)


  • Updated minor CSS for interface

Version 7.0.3

Release Date: 19.12.17


  • Visual alerts in versaSRS for Calls, Problems and Change Requests not displaying the correct colours when using percentage (%) based alerts
  • Hide versaCRM menu when using standard contacts
  • Fixed VIPTag / VIPColor settings in global settings

Version 7.0.2

Release Date: 22.11.17


  • Correction to versaSRSScheduler. Service will not start due to incorrect settings in config file
  • Replace versaSRSScheduler.exe with correct installer version
  • Sorting in versaSRS search was not working

Version 7.0.1

Release Date: 19.10.17


  • Updates to SRSConnect
  • Updates to versaAssets Web Service
  • Sending emails using Microsoft EWS
  • Default events sorting to newest "StartDate" first
  • Display message to update custom view stored procedures
  • Added custom quick log form (Alpha)

Bugs Identified and Corrected

  • Permission error with download record into zip
  • Error with editing CRM Categories
  • Events listing date format
  • EML attachment error when receiving via EWS
  • Attachment issue in Knowledge Base
  • Re-assignment window not closing
  • Error with Global Settings when connecting to SQL instance name.

Version 7.0.0

Release Date: 17.7.17


  • Completely re-designed look and feel
  • Team Dashboards – Quick Links & Reports
  • New navigation area
  • Performance improvements with new grid design
  • User Interface Themes
  • User Quicklinks
  • User Timezone support
  • New Image Explorer - Good for using when designing email templates
  • New and better report support. More charting options such Stack, Donut, Sparkline, Area and Scatter animation charts
  • New and improved versaBoard. Allows you to customise your own versaBoard with a drag & drop GUI
  • Added extra free text fields to capture more information for Cases, Problems and Change Requests
  • Customisable Mandatory Fields (Case/Problem/RFC/Update/Contact/Organisation)
  • Keysets linked to Update Templates
  • Microsoft Azure support
  • Global Calendar viewable by case status
  • Extended Events Calendar for CRM & contract information
  • Support Hours used by Organisation on Case view
  • Bulk Edit, Reply, Forward, Close, Cancel, Update & Re-Assign
  • Right-Click Bulk Cancel based on Subject & Date Range
  • Quick shortcuts with extra right click options
  • Set reminders on Case/RFC/Problem
  • Drag & Drop Attachments
  • Ability to convert entire case details into PDF and download all attachments into one zip file
  • Check user workload before assigning cases
  • Embedded images viewable externally
  • Support for Base64 image encoding
  • Type ahead search on email address fields
  • Multi SMTP support


  • Completely re-designed to support phone/tablet friendly view
  • Added "My Cases". Provide simple interface for quick responses for Technician
  • Updated versaChat GUI for SRSConnect
  • Now supports dashboard reporting



VersaDev strongly recommend you backup your current application files and database before continuing with the upgrade. We also recommend this upgrade is carried out in a testing environment first.

NOTE: Failure to have a version 7 license key will stop versaSRS from operating and will impact users. Please contact VersaDev to obtain your version 7 key.

Please also check Server / Client requirements

versaSRS v6 Release Notes

Release Date Notes
6.1.8 31.08.2017 Notes
6.1.7 21.07.2017 Notes
6.1.6 03.08.2016 Notes
6.1.5 06.09.2015 Notes
6.1.4 18.03.2015 Notes
6.1.3 30.10.2014 Notes
6.1.2 29.09.2014 Notes
6.1.1 25.09.2014 Notes
6.1.0 14.08.2014 Notes
6.0.4 18.07.2014 Notes
6.0.3 21.05.2014 Notes
6.0.2 24.04.2014 Notes
6.0.1 07.04.2014 Notes
6.0.0 07.04.2014 Notes

Please Note: versaSRS patches/updates should only be applied to the version they pertain to. For example, if the installed version of versaSRS is 4.1 - ONLY 4.1 patches should be applied.

To download updates & patches for pre-v5 editions of versaSRS please contact us.

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versaSRS is built using the MS .NET Framework, incorporating a MS SQL database and is instantly deployed via a web browser. More information.
We have provided integration with software such as telephony, assets, accounting, documents & more. We pride ourselves on a 100% fit with your business.
Absolutely. We have built a range of tools such as bulk import & update, archiving, campaign management and much more.

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versaSRS is developed by VersaDev for IT Service Management & Case Management.

VersaDev is an Australian company developing business software solutions to customers across the globe.

VersaDev become Microsoft Partners after being discovered by Microsoft at CeBit.

VersaDev have remained Microsoft Silver Vendor Partners and pride themselves at being at the bleeding edge of web technologies.

The ITIL framework is incorporated into versaSRS. As well as incident, problem, change & asset management are incorporated.

versaSRS is ITIL-Aligned out of the box.

versaSRS v7 becomes available as an entirely SaaS solution via MS Azure.

The software is completely scalable for small, medium or enterprise implementations.

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