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versaSRS is implemented by companies to manage governed workflow functions within Financial Services business units.

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Critical Success Factors


The software was initially deployed within a Shared Service Centre environment to manage incoming vendor invoice enquiries and internal business emails.


The organisation had a charter of requirements with regards to service level agreements, prioritisation and work?ow management. These could not be managed within their ERP.


Nine years later the solution was confgured to manage identifed Global Group Function processes. It enabled end-to-end management of vendor requests and internal service requests.

A Vast Feature Framework


Electronic forms can be integrated into the solution to improve and automate service requests and business workflow.


Sta? workloads have been streamlined via the governed SLA timeframes to improve delivery and productivity.


The solution provides VPs with a suite of reports previously unavailable to them.

Enabling Vendors & Providing Self-Service

Integrated web forms have been deployed to automate a range of service requests such as:

  • Service Entry Sheet
  • Invoice Rejection
  • Invoice Enquiry
  • Employee Expense Management
  • Payment Services Customer Support
  • Accounting Services

Streamlining Complex Business Rules

A public-facing form accessible globally 24x7 provides suppliers with the ability to submit an invoice, contact Payment Services or request to update their data.

The request is routed automatically to the resolution team and assigned the appropriate categorisation and due date according to governing SLAs.

The request automatically applies Vendor or Employee details and links important information for the team to reference.

Where work?ow is required for approvals or extra steps, these can be applied manually or automatically via the web form.

The case can be managed until completion and all communications back to the Requestor handled via templates for standardised process and business workflow.

If required, the Vendor can also use a Customer Portal to lodge or update enquiries or requests.

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