Asset Management

From Purchase to Maintenance to Disposal

Full Asset Lifecycle

The Asset module in versaSRS provides organisations with the complete management cycle from purchase to disposal.

The module provides unique asset types tailored to the business. Any number of fields can be created and completed. Warranty, Lease, Financial information, documents and much more can be included where required.

Assets also have the added feature of automated notifications as their maintenance, servicing, end of life or other critical due date is reached. These notifications can be assigned as work requests within the organisation or simply serve as reminders.

A Vast Feature Framework

Centralised Data

Import or create assets with configuration and other details.


Assets are linked to people and/or organisations.

Audit Trail

Every work request or incident is recorded against the asset.


Track assets via barcodes, RFID or scan hardware across your network.


Easily create maintenance reminders for assets for key dates.


Run reports against assets to ascertain usage, incidents and location.

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