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Download v3.0.0 versaAssetsAgent - versaSRS Assets Agent Tool

versaAssetsAgent is an add-on Windows Service that is available for versaSRS v6+.

The versaAssetsAgent service is used to scan hardware and software of the assets within the computer network that are discoverable. The versaAssetsAgent service will then return the results of the managed assets and populate that information into versaSRS. Unmanaged assets are entered into the system manually.

The data recorded via versaAssetsAgent provides a snap shot of the network infrastructure. The results of the scan can be used to identify legacy items on the network or outdated software. Reports can also be created within versaSRS to retrieve an overview of asset status or for detailed CMDB purposes.

versaAssetsAgent & Asset Management in versaSRS (PDF)

View versa3CX - 3CX PBX Phone System Integration

Help Desk operators who manually create new tickets generally receive a new request via a telephone call. Requestors may follow up these tickets with a telephone call. Therefore, to improve this process, versaSRS has been enhanced to integrate with the 3CX Phone System via the versa3CX application.

versa3CX Installation and Usage Guide (PDF)

versaSRS Phone System Integration Guide (PDF)

Read a case study on a 3CX & versaSRS integration (PDF)

Contact Us for Details versaSRSQuoteWerks - QuoteWerks Integration

versaSRS can be integrated with sales quotes and proposals software QuoteWerks. versaQuoteWerks allows you to import your versaSRS CRM contact details into QuoteWerks. You can also search on versaSRS contacts based on First name, Surname or Case Number.

Download versaSRS External Image Viewer

This tool allows images embedded in case watcher/notification emails to be viewable when email is downloaded or viewed outside the network/organisation hosting versaSRS. The installable application creates an area for a public URL on an existing website, queries the versaSRS database and renders the embedded images.

Download versaSRS Cleanup

versaSRS Cleanup is a simple command line utility that can be used to delete temporary files generated by the versaSRS Windows services. This tool can be scheduled to run and configured to delete temporary files that are older than a user defined number of days.


Download Update for v4.3
versaContacts Import Tool v4.3.0

This stand-alone desktop application can be used to import contacts / users / organizations sourced from Active Directory and Microsoft Excel, into versaSRS Database version 6.1 which is using integrated versaCRM module. This version also includes command line entry, thereby allowing for automated/scheduled import via Windows Task Scheduler and/or batch file execution.

Contact Us for details Multiple Tickets Creator & Updater

This stand-alone desktop application can be used to import existing Tickets/Issues/Calls/Cases from another system into versaSRS and automatically update them with update templates if required. Very handy for bulk loading of data to create new records. (The input source file must be in Excel (xls) format with the main Worksheet named Sheet1).

Contact Us for details Bulk Template Update Tool

The versaSRS Bulk Template Update Tool is a Powerful Solution to quickly and effectively; - Perform Bulk Call Status Changes - Send Bulk Email Correspondence - Apply Bulk Billing Information - Record Bulk Call Based Time - Update virtually anything in a Call that can be driven by a Call Update Template.

Contact Us for details Archiver Tool

The versaSRS Archive Tool gives versaSRS Administrators the power to archive cases based on date range and various other filters, in order to improve database performance.

Download Assets Import Tool

This stand-alone desktop application can be used to import Assets into the Assets Table of the versaSRS Database. (The input source file must be in Excel (xls) format with the main Worksheet named Sheet1).

Contact Us for details Extended Call Logging Via Email/Web Forms Using XML

Take advantage of Extended and Advanced Call Logging via Email/Web Forms using XML Tagging.

versaSRS provides a very powerful mechanism to uniquely define all the properties of a Call when logged via email. This is achieved via an XML style document defined as part of the email body. The XML style document can be used to describe how the Call should explicitly be logged within the system and can completely define all required elements of a call.

This solution allows businesses the ability to create their own Custom Intranet/Internet Web Forms or utilise existing business applications, which can be used by System Operators or End Customers alike, to log and generate a call into versaSRS, without having to expose or effectively use the main versaSRS Application Interface.

This allows you business the power and flexibility to create and customize your own System Operator and End Customer Portals, and still leverage off of the underlying power and processes of versaSRS.

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versaSRS is built using the MS .NET Framework, incorporating a MS SQL database and is instantly deployed via a web browser. More information.
We have provided integration with software such as telephony, assets, accounting, documents & more. We pride ourselves on a 100% fit with your business.
Absolutely. We have built a range of tools such as bulk import & update, archiving, campaign management and much more.

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.NET Development
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Our History

versaSRS is developed by VersaDev for IT Service Management & Case Management.

VersaDev is an Australian company developing business software solutions to customers across the globe.

VersaDev become Microsoft Partners after being discovered by Microsoft at CeBit.

VersaDev have remained Microsoft Silver Vendor Partners and pride themselves at being at the bleeding edge of web technologies.

The ITIL framework is incorporated into versaSRS. As well as incident, problem, change & asset management are incorporated.

versaSRS is ITIL-Aligned out of the box.

versaSRS v7 becomes available as an entirely SaaS solution via MS Azure.

The software is completely scalable for small, medium or enterprise implementations.

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